Ghost or glitch?

By: Ghost or glitch?
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As a journalist I love to immerse myself in the stories I write. What better way to capture the ins and outs of a topic than to experience it firsthand? My passion for understanding has led me on adventures like eagle posing my way through a hot yoga class at East Wind in Auburn and even taking my first spin on a road bike, for 25 miles, with Victory Velo owner Dan Tebbs. Now that I’ve tested the limits of my physical strength in the Endurance Capital of the World, it seemed like high time I test my mental strength. When I heard Latitudes in Auburn was haunted by the ghosts of the Gold Rush past, I wanted to see if I would have any paranormal encounters of my own. My boyfriend decided he’d be brave enough to accompany me on my brunch in the unknown. Latitudes owners Pat and Pete Enochs seated us at a table for four in an older part of the building. Apparently, some people have spotted an extra guest, or ghost rather, dining at the table with them. Others have peered through the stained glass window to see another ghoulish guest waiting for service. In my interview earlier that week with paranormal investigator Robert Reppert, of Placerville, I learned that he and his wife psychic Nancy Bradley, believe Latitudes is indeed haunted. While I have had mysterious and unexplainable things happen to me that I attribute to life beyond the here and now, I have never personally seen a ghost. I wouldn’t say it’s ever been on my bucket list either. But in the spirit of investigative journalism, I decided to not rule out seeing one as a possibility. Most of the time, I just felt like we were in a cool, old building. Sure it had history, but I wasn’t getting the vibe that a visitor was going to reach for my tofu and spinach crepes. It was easy to imagine what the house would have been like back when it was first built — bustling with the activities of a ‘Nob Hill’ type family in town. By my second cup of coffee I had pretty much ruled out the possibility of being spooked. Whenever we go anywhere fun my boyfriend loves to take pictures with his camera phone. Last month, he easily took over 50 photos on a short trip to Yosemite. I’ve always been a little jealous of the way he can turn his phone on its side and use it like a real camera. There is a special button to take pictures, too. As he went to chronicle our gourmet outing, the camera was taking anywhere from about 45 seconds to a minute to take each photo. Without any Internet connection needed to take a photo, and no evidence of this ever happening before or after our Latitudes luncheon, we thought it was a little strange. After interviewing some other paranormal investigators later that week....cue the creepy music…I learned technology often acts up in the presence of spirits. While I can’t say for sure if we were dining with someone else, I can definitely say the hunt was half the fun. Reach Sara Seyydin at