Ghosts at home in Auburn

Reader Input
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About the ghost stories at Utopia Tattoos and Piercings in Auburn, (Journal, Oct. 18). I believe in the paranormal, as well, because I encountered a ghost while I was on a walk on Gold Street. I was walking past a streetlight, and it flickered and then turned off. I said to my mom, “The light must have burnt out.” Then a slight voice said, “It was me”. I don’t believe you can be kicked, scratched, slapped, pushed, or even touched by a ghost. I believe Utopia Tattoos is haunted. Have Connor (Hopkins) and Brendan (Jacob) found anything else? I would be interested in what years the judge’s house was there. How many children the judge lived with, and if any of them died there. I agree with Joey Sprawka that it is nice to see kids following their passion instead of getting into trouble and doing drugs. I am not surprised that there are a lot of ghosts from the Gold Rush era because there were a lot of gold miners and their families that came to Auburn and settled here. HARLEY DANIELS-LONG, student, Auburn