Give candidate Bob Grigas a chance

Reader Input
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Regarding the endorsement of Jim Holmes for 3rd District supervisor appearing in the Journal this morning (“Holmes pick for District 3 race,” Our View, May 11), is a candidate’s ability to raise money a reason to vote for them? It would seem that Jim has had his time and from what he shared last night he has been in many elected positions so does that make him a “career politician?”
Yes, Jim is a “home-grown” individual but that does not mean that he has all the answers. Perhaps he is available to all his constituents, but does that mean that others would not be available? Jim might not have known any more about the workings of supervisors when he took office than “Bob” does now.
Give Robert “Bob” Grigas a chance. Bob is honest and willing to learn. He and Linda have been married for over 25 years and have raised four great children. The children have all gone to college and all have jobs. Bob is accessible so give him a telephone call if you wish to know how he might stand on any particular issue that confronts all of Placer County.