Give peace a chance?

Reader Input
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My father died March 7 of this year at 97 years old. He was a World War II D-Day veteran. As I was going through his personal photos of the June 6, 1944 Normandy invasion, I heard John Lennon, former Beatle and peace activist, on the radio singing ?Give Peace a Chance.? I wondered if that is what he would have told Hitler as he tried to enslave the world and murder every Jew on the planet. Would he have put flowers in the barrels of the Nazi machine guns that cut down literally thousands of American soldiers that day on Omaha Beach? Lennon?s naive worldview was particularly troubling to me as I held pictures of my dad?s comrades lying dead on the cold, blood-soaked sand. ?Silent Heroes? was his caption. Ironically, Lennon?s assassination by a madman was the kind of evil that my father, and thousands like him, risked and gave their lives to rid from this world. If Lennon had lived to see this anniversary of D-Day, he should have prayed to God (yes, God) that there would be men like my father around the next time another ?Nazi? boot was ever again on the neck of a free man or woman. Give peace a chance? My father did. William R. Nesbitt III, M.D., Auburn