Give respect to Ground Zero

Reader Input
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Re: “Ground Zero for freedom” by Kathleen Parker, Journal, Aug. 19. A two-fold response: first, this article is a good example of how political correctness marginalizes, or diminishes, the significance of 9/11 which is: the dignity and memory, the profound respect for the 2,750 people murdered that day by Islamist jihadists. We do not marginalize or diminish the Gettysburg Address, the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, or the Arlington Cemetery where we honor the dead. These sites have unique meaning for Americans for good reason. Second, the word “Cordoba” in the project title is not insignificant. It alludes to Cordoba, Spain, where centuries ago Muslims destroyed a church and replaced it with the first Cordoba mosque, a symbol of Islamic “conquista” or Muslim conquest of infidels. This cultural practice was repeated throughout the Middle East and in India alone, some 2,000 Hindu temples were destroyed and replaced by victory mosques. Is Imam Feisal Rauf, who advocates sharia law and dawa (a call to Islam) on American soil, really a moderate? BILL HARDER SR., Auburn