Give thanks for Streetscape

Reader Input
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The Auburn community has so much to be thankful for this holiday season because of the community focus on the completion of the Streetscape project and the hopeful benefits it will inspire for those who seek them. It will now give the gathering place for those who look to embrace and enjoy, and then add much of themselves to the creative park-like atmosphere. Someday, very soon, the project’s disruptive business construction, city facilitators and worker involvement will be history and the community voters can see, touch and use a new part of their community tax dollars at work. It is now the park completions that will lead the next stage in the intended results of the community focus that is most important. This will be remembered by future historians as the first stage of a Downtown business revival that will repay the project’s cost many times over. Auburn’s history enthusiasts will still meet and plan more events for all to enjoy. Only in the total community embracing of these changes can this historic beautification event become the catalyst for new business job creation, or just another tax turkey commiseration to indulge in. We now get to choose the end results. BOB SEIDLITZ, Auburn