Give us a single payer system

Reader Input
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Regarding rate hikes for California citizens which started on July 1. These hikes by Aetna, Health-Net, Anthem Blue and Blue Cross could go up by as much as 17 percent. I am so happy that this is happening, because we take it and take it and don’t stand up for this insanity, nor do we say a word. We deserve exactly what we get. As long as we have a for-profit health care system nothing will change! Yet all these politicians from the president on down, the Supreme Court, retired federal workers and retired military (Tri-Care), all of them enjoy this “European single payer health care system” and all of them would never give it up, and why should they? I couldn’t care less how they practice medicine in western Europe, or Canada for that matter. But I have studied for years how they pay for it — with no middleman making billions in profits each year. With a single payer, out of each paycheck there would be a deduction going into a “health care fund” exactly like Social Security. It would be managed by a private nonprofit company. All these unbelievable and outrageous health insurance premiums would no longer be there. But we are the freest country in the world and each American should always have the option/choice to stay with the private health insurance system. Wouldn’t it be nice never having to worry about losing your home, your life savings and maxing out your credit card due to the high cost of medical care and the outrageous prices for drugs/medicines, never being denied much needed surgery or being canceled all together? INGRID CROISSANT-HUBER, Roseville