Giving 16-cents a day a no-brainer

Reader Input
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I am writing to urge local voters to support Measure L, which will raise $4 million for the Auburn school district by collecting $59 per year from property owners in the school district for the next five years. Regardless of your political views, it seems like giving 16 cents a day directly to local schools is a no-brainer, if for no other reason than the strong correlation between school quality and property values. Or, maybe you were once a student and can relate to the importance of a quality education. Maybe you just want to keep Auburn safe, and understand the correlation between inferior schools and crime rates. Let’s take a step back from the woulda-coulda-shoulda mentality for a moment about how things ought to be in our state and our district and accept some facts: local schools are broke, students and staff are suffering. An extraordinary community of teachers, parents, administrators and students are rallying to make the best of tough times. Local students are excelling and developing into tomorrow’s leaders, and they need help to be the best that they can be. Local teachers have voluntarily foregone earned raises and are also paying more each year for their health benefits, to help balance the budget — working hard and doing their part through these tough times. Non-core programs at most risk of being cut often make or break marginal students. One-hundred percent of Measure L revenues will support local students. Please review for more information on how wonderfully students will benefit from these revenues. Vote yes on Measure L on election day! Brad Kearns, Auburn