Glad PG&E extends helping cables

Reader Input
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It shouldn’t be surprising that PG&E is making their canals safer for recreational use of the pathways. These pathways were regularly used by the public prior to Jan. 1, 1972, and therefore cannot be legally closed. Additionally, PG&E has a long track record of promoting the health and happiness of its customers by providing recreation opportunities throughout its system of reservoirs, streams and canals. For instance, at almost every lake in the high country that PG&E owns, you will find campgrounds that PG&E has developed for the use and enjoyment of the public. I couldn’t begin to count how many wonderful times I have camped beside a PG&E lake, fished a PG&E waterway, or exercised along a PG&E canal. PG&E is a huge blessing to our area. So PG&E’s decision to install floating cables on the Wise Canal to prevent drownings of people who fall in is not surprising. What is very pleasantly surprising is how soon these cables are going to be installed. I do have one suggestion, though: Put the cables in every half-mile. At the speed of water flow in the canal, that will limit the time a person is in the canal to seven to 10 minutes. Someone who spends longer than that in that freezing cold water (off the bottom of Rollins Lake) will lose grip strength and be unable to hold onto the floating cables. Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista