Glad to put up with foothills, thank you

Reader Input
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Re: Cyclists in Auburn area. We all should consider how fortunate we are. Many complaints in the paper are things people would gladly trade for. For instance, annoyances like bicycles on the roads, skateboarders in town, hunters shooting, rubbish piles burning, and horses on trails, dogs running free, dirt bikes squealing and bears in garbage cans all point to the blessing that we live in the treasured foothills of Northern California. If you never saw horses on trails, you might live in Oakland. If never a dog was free to roam, you may live in the tight quarters of San Francisco. If hunters never shot, you probably live where wild animals are never seen. If dirt bikes aren’t tearing up the trails, there probably aren’t any wild open spaces. And if you never saw groups of cyclists, you might live in a congested city such as L.A. We get annoyed with some of the things that come with the foothills, but we’ll live with them because we are so glad to be here. When you think of towns with ongoing complaints about cyclists, you might think of Woodside, Marin, or maybe Boulder. These are some of the most beautiful places to live. We’re glad Auburn is right up there with them! TROY and ROBIN SOARES, Auburn