Glen Oaks has good manager

Reader Input
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Re: Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park (Journal, April 22 and May 8):
I lived at Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park for 16 years, a very pleasant 16 years. The first year cabin No. 7, pictured in Tuesday’s May 8 Journal, was my home. I made improvements and had the place quite clean and comfortable. No complaints.
Then the big house downstairs apartment became my home for the next 15 years. Once again, I made some improvements and the owner and management always worked with me to reimburse any expenses. No complaints.
The best thing that happened at the park was when Mary Carlson became the manager. That woman works her tail off at the park. She has a lot to deal with. People move in and trash the place and refuse to pay their rent. And then, when the lengthy eviction process finally removes the culprits, Mary is stuck cleaning up their mess.
Mary has a heart of gold. She tries to work with the residents on overdue rent rather than evicting them mercilessly.
All I had to do was breathe that I had a problem and she was there before a day passed and had the problem fixed.
I understand that the water was drinkable but preferred bottled water. How hard is that?
Glen Oaks Trailer Park is not the Hilton. If they were forced to raise the standards to what some people seem to want they would be forced to raise the rent accordingly.
One of the reasons of my serenity at Glen Oaks was that the rent was affordable and I was able to live comfortably on my income.
Mary Carlson is not making the problems or the mess. She is the one who is stuck cleaning up after peoples’ messes and the work of keeping the older water and sewer systems in working order.
Go Mary.
PATTY McNABB, Newcastle,
ex-resident, Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park