Global warming a political hoax

Reader Input
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Solar system warming: The sun has been directing earth’s weather for about four billion years, and there is nothing we can do about it. NASA has documented that the sun is warming our neighbors Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars with its melting polar ice caps. The global warming scare, spearheaded by globalists, has given politicians powers that threaten all of us. Dissent carries a high price as those who disagree are ostracized and scientist research grants are cut off. However, trial attorneys are having a field day filing class action law suits against anyone accused of causing global warming. Like medical malpractice suits, attorneys get rich while insurers, shareholders, consumers and taxpayers suffer. How did this hoax get started? In mid ’70s Britain, when Margaret Thatcher was elected, she faced two problems: energy (an unpredictable global oil supply had resulted in shortages and rationing,); and militant coal mine unions. So, when cooling global temperatures reversed and started warming, Thatcher told the Royal Society to prove that this was caused by greenhouse gases emitted from coal-fired power stations, regardless of what the science said. She then nationalized and sold the coal mines, solving the union problem and built dozens of nuclear power stations solving the energy crisis. The hoax was a side effect. KATE WILLIS, Foresthill