Global warming sadly is for real

Reader Input
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I would like to reply to Robert Wahl (Reader Input, Jan. 2) who apparently feels that global warming is a conspiratorial myth perpetuated by the government, liberals, Democrats, the mass media and various assorted anti-growth fanatics. He points to local temperatures during the last few years being cooler than normal as being proof that global warming is just a bunch of hooey. Robert needs to review the mean temperature values for the entire world and not just Auburn. He would find that global temperatures from January through November 2010 were the warmest in history since record-keeping began in 1880. Higher temperatures in the high latitude regions of the Northern Hemisphere, Canada, Alaska, the tropical Atlantic Ocean, the Middle East, eastern Europe and northern Africa, make up for any El Niño-affected cooling regionally. Lastly, Robert mentions that the sun is going into a “deep freeze” that will overcome any man-made global warming effect. He is talking about the 11-year solar cycle, in which the minimum sunspot activity was lower than expected during the current cycle. A few solar researchers believe a period of lower solar activity is possible. Others believe it is just conjecture. It is just as possible that a deep minimum will set off high activity for the next cycle. Even if lower activity occurred, there is debate whether it will even affect earth’s climate to any extent. Herb Tanimoto, Cool