Gluten-free friends create healthy food blog

By: Laura Albright, Journal Correspondent
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“I love kale,” writes Dawn Adams in her most recent blog post, “Hail to Kale!” Love’n Every Bite, a blog authored by Deborah Jordan and Dawn Adams, focuses on healthy living with a low-glycemic index and gluten-free diet. Together with their cookbook, which they plan to release next year, the Auburn healthy-living friends plan to spread the word about gluten-free eating. In a recent post, Adams talks about kale and how to introduce it into your diet. Adams imparts all kinds of ideas for serving her beloved kale, but that’s not all this informative blog has to offer. In addition to an in-progress gluten-free cookbook, Love’n Every Bite is a way to show its readers “a way to have fun with food and travel. We want to share what we know with our audience,” Jordan said. Like many, Adams and Jordan have had their share of health challenges. After traditional medicine gave Adams a clean bill of health, she worked with a holistic nutritionist and was food allergy and sensitivity tested. It was determined that she had a gluten intolerance. Adams removed gluten from her diet and was feeling better in two weeks. “At first I felt deprived, then I learned to cook and found I appreciated food and what a blessing it is,” Adams said. “It was a big change for me at first,” Jordan said. “But I learned to appreciate the foods I can eat. If you make a list of the foods you can eat and one of the foods you can’t eat … the ‘can’ list will always be longer. I learned to eat close to the earth, whole foods, including fruits, nuts and vegetables. I put all my energy into loving every bite of food and adding love in every bite.” The two met a year ago at their church, the Foothill Center for Spiritual Living. “The first time we had lunch we talked about going into business together,” Jordan said. Jordan had been working on her own cookbook after eating gluten-free for three years. Adams brings a gluten-free lifestyle, gluten-free research and years of photography experience to the project. Pulling from different diets – vegetarian, vegan, low-glycemic and gluten-free, the cookbook is bound to touch many lifestyles. “We call ourselves ‘flexetarians,’” Adams said. “We incorporate many different diets into our lives. The message is to listen to your body. And your diet doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but instead a reduction in gluten, adding vegetarian, vegan, and low-glycemic elements finding what works for you.”