Go back home, California girls

Reader Input
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Let’s hear it big for change! We’ve changed our national debt into something appalling, much to the delight of the Chinese who own us and collect the enormous interest on our debt. We’ve given billions of taxpayers’ dollars to bail out Wall Street, the banks and corporations “too big to fail,” (how have we survived without Packard, Studebaker and American Motors?); sent 30,000 more young Americans and billions more of taxpayers’ dollars to bolster Karzai’s corrupt Afghan government; are chiseling away at Medicare and Social Security; and raising taxes to finance more of Obama’s socialistic adventures. And yet, more change! Now our benevolent government promises to fine us heavily, or even jail us, if we don’t buy our own health insurance (health reform). By golly! There’s not much left to change (or screw up). There is one thing left that we can change — let’s change all those “California girls” (Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein), who we have sent to represent us in Washington. Now there’s a change I can endorse! ARNE CELICK, Auburn