Go back to your cement city

Reader Input
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What is going on? People are out to destroy everything of beauty. I wish they would all go back to cement city. Take away the cell phones from these young women while they are driving and maybe they’ll be able to spot a deer near the road. Be alert. Deer wander through my property and I feel privileged to be so close to nature … the females are still nursing their fawns and you want to slaughter them and make orphans of their offspring, who may not survive. There must be other ways to lead them to higher ground. Mr. McClintock, you have lost my vote … I was breathing much better since we got rid of Doolittle and now you brought up the damn dam again. We have the most beautiful canyon this side of the Grand Canyon and you want to destroy it. Have you ever taken a good look at area around Folsom Dam? Huge gravel mountains, so ugly – is that what you wish for this area instead of a pristine forest and gorgeous river? And now about closing the park at Coloma. Coloma is a little bit of history heaven! I drive through almost every week on my way to Placerville and it is full of happy people, tourists, school kids learning about gold discovery and the picnic tables by the river are so inviting … the area brings you back in time. Please don’t close the park. RUTH LaGRANGE, Cool