Go easy on Dr. Kirby

Reader Input
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Let’s give Bill Kirby some slack for startling the City Council meeting last Monday night (Journal, Nov. 10). Hey, here’s hale and hearty and gruff Bill, disabled post-surgery to the point of using a walker, in pain and presumably on pain meds, showing a short fuse. Given the circumstances, I say give him a pass. I don’t think many people would say that using two donkey synonyms (“ass” and “jackass”) qualifies as “cursing.”  I thought Mike Holmes’ humorous dig at Bill was OK, too. It reminded me of the last time (ARD Board Director) Scott Holbrook interrupted me during one of my passionate exhortations on trails or whatever to give me a dig about swimming in PG&E canals. Sure, I was annoyed, but I think Scott was kinda cute, too. I just wish I had been quick enough to come back with, “Yeah, but you’ll notice that, thanks to me (and the Journal, of course), nobody’s dying in that canal anymore.” And Mike Holmes shaking his finger at Bob Snyder for hanging his election signs promiscuously around town? My only problem with that would be if Bob didn’t smile at Mike’s school-master finger-shaking. As that great American philosopher, Jessie Ventura, once said: “So what you’re telling me is that I had to give up my sense of humor when I got elected governor. Is that it?” Gordon Ainsleigh, ARD board director, Meadow Vista