Go to Foresthill for kindness

Reader Input
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This is a great story I am sure your readers will enjoy. I hope the people who are responsible are out there reading this most of all. It was Friday, Oct. 12, approximately 4:50 p.m. The place was Foresthill dump. George and I were on our way to Costco right after we dropped off a truckload of stuff from our recently purchased home. We had been working so hard and my boyfriend was getting tired and well ... six $100 bills fell out of his pocket. Fortunately, we discovered the money was missing at a brief stop in Auburn and not at the checkout stand at Costco. We went home, backtracked, searched, tried to console Mitch and eventually concluded it was lost at the dump which was closed. We meant to go Saturday to ask Bill the dump guy, and Sunday, too. Then yesterday George and I took another load to the dump (about 4:50 again). Bill was not as busy as he usually was so I asked him, “Say, I don’t suppose anyone turned in some money last Friday.” I told him it was between $600 and $700 He asked me, “What denominations were they?” “Hundreds.” “Yeah,” he said, “I’ve got it.” The couple did not leave any contact information so I gave the reward to Bill and asked if he ever saw them again to thank them so much. The kicker? Before turning the money in, they said to Bill, “You look like you are looking for something.” He said “Yeah, a box of money to fall on my head.” That is when they turned over the money, which they found under a box, two days after it was lost. Thank you, Bill, and thank you Nice Honest Couple in Foresthill. Chris Conklin, Foresthill