God’s evidence is everywhere

Reader Input
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My letter is in response to Kent Campbell (Reader Input, Oct. 21), “Leave deity out of miners’ rescue:” Kent Campbell, I am glad you enjoyed watching the miners’ rescue as stated by you as if it were the latest release of a great movie. However, it was not a movie but real lives of real people and every step of the way God was intimately involved. I will not attempt to explain Jesus and salvation in this limited space, however, the evidence of God is so apparent in our everyday lives. Through creation we have the sun, moon, stars, food, trees, fish, human beings, rain and the list is endless. These elements of God’s world work seamlessly, exactly and precisely as they were intended to work when God created them. If our God can make the earth that stores the elements, and the raw materials to make the drill and the materials to manufacture the electronics, and create men and women to give the assistance, and create our intelligence which comes from our brain created by God, then, yes, I believe he is right there guiding that drill. I am sure that the miners in many cases have a personal relationship with our creator and are not only sustained in their times of need but is there constantly in their everyday lives. As a Christian we call him Father or Dad. In ending, I would like to give you a very simple challenge. Since it is near Halloween here it is: Make us a pumpkin. The one simple rule is that you cannot use one of the seeds created by God. Let us know how that worked out for you. Michael J. Keeffe, Auburn