God is powerful enough to handle gay marriage

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The Bible thumpers are coming out of the woodwork to condemn Proposition 8 in the name of God. I would think that if God were omnipotent as the Bible teaches, then he or she wouldn’t need a bunch of keyboard preachers selectively interpreting the Bible for the rest of us. Why can’t the religious fanatics keep their religious beliefs behind the closed doors of their respective churches? Genesis says that God made woman from Adam’s rib to be his companion. According to the Bible thumpers this means that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. It’s the same Bible verse that had been interpreted to mean that woman was subservient to man since the Bible was created in the 4th century and used to keep women from becoming priests and from owning land or voting until the 19th century. Personally, I was all for the women subservient part at home until my wife threatened to kick my butt. Let’s all agree that God is smart enough and powerful enough to handle his or her own business and the rest of us should limit our involvement to our own lives. If God has a problem with same sex marriage, let’s let God handle it. God doesn’t need a volunteer religious police force to act on his or her behalf. Furthermore, if you are so insecure with your own beliefs that you feel the need to get the backing from the rest of us; take your doubts to your preacher and keep it out of the paper. We can read the Bible and we can make up my own minds. Tom Cavallero Foresthill