God will judge this nation's wickedness

Reader Input
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Today is July Fourth and my heart is heavy for this country. I served in the military and swore to defend the Constitution with my life. Today the Constitution is viewed more as an obstacle to liberal progress and reinterpreting its original intent is the driving force in politics. (Alexis) de Toqueville observed that America was great because America was good. The narcissistic citizenry of today?s America gladly forget that observation, substituting the idol of government for the God of our founders. Post-Constitutional America is collapsing under the weight of self-imposed tyranny poorly disguised as liberal progress. Freedom is not a license to live as you please, but to live as we ought. How did we arrive at the place where the former speaker of the house brazenly presents a law school co-ed to the country and suggests that we ought to be subsidizing her contraceptives? Or perverting right and wrong by even suggesting that homosexuality be considered normal? America has been an example to the world in past generations of God?s blessing. Unless we repent of our wickedness, we will soon be an example of his judgment on those who take his blessings and then reject his righteousness. John D. Seither, Alta