Gold Rush service crews take on your Subaru or Chevrolet

Dealer Service Department Profile: Gold Rush Chevrolet/Subaru
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After making a large purchase such as buying a new vehicle, it's important to get it serviced regularly so it will perform properly and last a long time. To let potential customers know what the local auto dealers' service centers offer, we're profiling Auburn-area dealerships' service departments. Below is the fourth in a series of question-and-answer profiles. Below, Matthew Kelley, service manager for Gold Rush Chevrolet and Subaru answers questions about his shops. What services do you provide? We provide basic to overall service and repairs to all Chevrolet and Subaru products. We can do basic oil changes; we can rebuild engines, transmissions, four-wheel-drive units; service and repair the air conditioning system, brakes and tires. Anything on a Subaru/Chevrolet we can address. What technology is available in your department? Chevrolet/Subaru has the latest diagnostic equipment in order to repair any issues that arise on all the new products. We have Computer Smart Book, Techs I and II as well as Candi modules, alignment and tire equipment, air conditioning diagnosis equipment and smog equipment. Can I get a smog check there and what is the cost? We can do smog checks. The cost is $69.25 and that includes certificate. What's the most advanced equipment you have? We have the latest Chevy and Subaru equipment, with capability to transfer in-the-minute information to both Subaru/Chevrolet tech help systems. How big is your service area and how many vehicles can you accommodate? We have a total of 25 bays between Chevrolet and Subaru. We have 15 lifts/racks and two alignment machines. We also have a dedicated smog bay with dyno. How many technicians, service advisers, and other personnel do you have in your department? Our fixed operation, which includes parts and service, has 27 personnel. Do you have any specially certified technicians? How many and what are their specialties in? Our techs at Chevrolet and Subaru are constantly training on new technologies. We have in-house/interactive training as well as factory-sponsored training. We also have CBT (Computer Based Training) at our facilities. Do you have a quick lube department and how long does an oil change take and what does it cost? We have a quick lube service at Chevrolet and Subaru. The wait time can be one-half hour to 45 minutes. The cost is $29.95 for a basic oil change. Do you have a detail business with service, and if so what services does it offer? We do not have a detail business per se. We do new car prep, and will wash and vacuum any customer's car at their request. What services do you provide that other garages might not have? We provide exceptional customer service. We know your Chevrolet and Subaru better than your local garage. Our constant training on only these products keeps us up to date on your vehicles' needs. We are trained on only our vehicles so we are more in tune with what may be needed, and we strive to fix it right the first time. Gold Rush Chevrolet/Subaru has been a top performer in customer satisfaction for the past four years running. We have been awarded the GM Mark of Excellence and Subaru's Stellar Performance awards. Do you have a courtesy shuttle service for customers who drop their cars off? Yes, as well as in-house rentals.