Golden Hillmen Band an integral part of spirit

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Throughout the recent Placer football playoff victories the Auburn Journal was right there. The coverage has been phenomenal and I think it’s really cool that you’ve stressed the importance of the fans and cheerleaders. Unfortunately, while reading your articles I seem to find myself wondering, What about the band? The Golden Hillmen Band is at every home game and we’ve been to both playoff games this postseason. We brave the cold, the fog, and the hour long drives to support the football team just like the fans do, but we offer much more than they do. Who plays the fight song after each touchdown? Well it sure isn’t the fans. And who is it playing Frankenstein after every first down? I can guarantee it is most certainly not the fans. And we seem to forget in our glory of winning the age-old tradition of playing the Alma Mater after the game, but if you look up into the stands there’s the band, playing the Alma Mater. The Golden Hillman Band is a huge factor at every football game, we are just as important as the crowd and you know what? Sixty-three members of the crowd are up there with instruments playing as part of the band. As a band member myself I am extremely disappointed that there has been absolutely nothing about the band in any of your articles this football season.   Lauren Strella Auburn Editor’s note: This letter was received before the front-page story on the Golden Hillmen band was published Dec. 11.