Golden State losing its luster

Reader Input
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This letter is for those who have an “eat the rich” mentality. Resenting those wealthier than you is the hallmark of a true second-rater. Unfortunately, California is full of whiners and crybabies who want to use government force to prevent others from creating wealth. The looters and aggressors are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and then blaming the remnant of the productive class for “hoarding.” Someday, probably soon, the federal government is going to lose the backing of its creditors like China and Japan, then you’re going to see just how bankrupt this nation really is. And when that happens, the pleading masses won’t think twice about taxing away the rest of its wealth to temporarily support its unsustainable welfare and entitlement programs. To add insult to injury, this nation’s supposed conservatives refuse to stop spending a trillion dollars annually to maintain our overseas empire. They fell for the notion that we can bomb our way into prosperity and freedom. And then they have the gall to act surprised that our country is descending into fascism. In post-America, some states will fare better than others. But ours won’t be one of them. California is a dying state. Seth King, Bowman