Golf Tips: Get into the rhythm for putting accuracy

By: Shawn Kelly
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If you worked on your putting fundamentals since last week’s article, you then should be in a good position to make a quality putting stroke. The putting stroke is a pendulum motion that swings back and forth with a constant rhythm.The distance back should be the same as the distance thru, like a swing on a swing set. The stroke will be shorter for a short putt and longer for a long putt. A common mistake that I see players making is too long of a backswing, then stopping the hands or decelerating the putterhead in to the ball. The three-ball drill is a great drill to help improve your stroke. Put three balls in a row with equal distance between them. Set-up to the side of the center ball as if you were going to stroke a putt and start swinging the club back and forth with continuous motion, from ball to ball. Find a rhythm that feels best to you and this will be your “signature putting stroke.” After you have developed a fluid putting stroke, it is time to practice a routine to become consistent. The Pre Shot routine is the most important aspect for consistently. A typical routine should consist of the following: • Visualize the line of the roll of the ball. This is done from behind the ball. • Set-up to the line squaring the putter first and then the body. • Take a few practice swings while looking at the target. This will help you feel the distance you want to roll the ball or just square the putter to the line. Look at target for distance and make your stroke. Find a process that works for you and stay with it. • A good swing thought is to focus on target orientation rather than how to make a stroke. And, stay positive! Roll that putt with confidence. Once you decide on a routine, practice your routine over and over to ingrain the process. My routine is to see the line, aim the putter, set up to ball, look at my target and stroke the putt. Then smile and wave to the crowd or give a little tip of my cap. Your putting routine can be any sequence you want, just keep it consistent and repeat it. Green Reading Class Vector green reading classes are scheduled for April 19 and 26. There’ll be two classes each day — 10 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4 p.m. Each class is $99. Go to the web site vector-green-reading/ for more information about the class. If you really want to improve your putting, you need to take this class. Demo Day Taylor Made on Thursday the 12 — come out and try all the new Rocket Balz and R11s product. Also, Nike Golf will be at the Ridge on Friday, April 13, with all their new VR series. We always have the best deals in the area. We match any advertised price, guarantee the fitting and if you spend $300, your next round of golf is on me. We’ll look forward to seeing you here.