Golf Tips: Have a ball in the fall

By: Shawn Kelly
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The golf season is beginning to wind down for some and for others it is just beginning. The acorns are falling, the leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler. Some folks are waxing up their skis, but some heading for warmer weather. 

This is great for local golfers, because courses are in great shape and tee times are available. Don’t let a little foul weather keep you from enjoying the game. 

Here are a few tips to help you play in the fall and in to the winter.

• Proper stretching is important. A little extra warm-up prior to the first tee is important to prevent injury and increase ball flight in cooler air.

• Try a softer ball. This will give you more feel of the ball and club. However, I only buy plain white golf balls because the yellow or orange colors tend to get lost in dropped leaves on the fairways.

• Get proper clothing. A good wind shirt, vest or rain suit and hat will keep you ready for changeable weather.

• Take an extra club on some full shots. The cooler weather will shorten ball flight by as much as 15 yards.

• Walk more between shots. This will keep you warm and loose.

• Learn how to keep your ball flight down under the wind for control. See your local pro to help you learn how to hit a knockdown shot.

• This is a great time to buy clubs. Most shops are closing out demo clubs and conducting sales. Get properly fitted and enjoy what properly fitted equipment will do for you.

• Do drills at home. When you can’t get to the range or golf course, working on your fundamentals and a balanced swing at home will keep your game in shape for the whole winter.

•Training aids are great for workouts at home. The ASSIST is my favorite. But any device you believe in will work. 

• Nine holes are better than nothing. With the shorter days perhaps you only have time for a quick nine. A couple hours of golf can be the perfect release from tension or hibernation.

Enjoy the game with others close to you. Golf is a great for entertaining family and friends during the holidays. Let’s hope for a few warm, sunny days as the year begins to wind down.

Don’t let a little cool and wet weather keep you from enjoying golf. Fall is a great time to play golf. I have enjoyed some of my bigger tournament successes in the fall, so I love to play golf this time of year.