Golf Tips:Summer class teaches juniors the ‘ART’ of golf

By: Shawn Kelly
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School’s out for summer! Now’s the time to help juniors find something to do during the summer break. Perhaps a something that is a healthy physical activity, which builds character, is fun and will fill up those long summer days. How about something like golf? Charlie Serrano, a local school teacher and musician may just have the answer. Charlie and I have designed a learning process that is not only extremely easy to understand and follow but will accelerate the learning experience beyond what may be found in any passive DVD format product seen on TV. We have incorporated California educational criteria for math, music and science to help students learn and understand how and why a golf swing works. The programs will be presented in three day camps starting June 14. You may go online to for more details and to sign up or just call me at (530) 888-7888. Instruction begins in a classroom environment where Mr. Serrano will use his teaching skills to help students conceptualize and make sense of what a swing is about. I will follow up with the kids for “hands on” experience at the driving range and relate their swings to what they have learned in the class room. On the third day we all go play golf on the course to incorporate what they have learned. The term “ART” of golf is an acronym for Angles, Rhythm and Timing. We use math to convey an understanding of the angles needed for a proper swing. Understanding angles in the set-up for a golf swing is essential for proper alignment to a target and a solid strike. Rhythm is fundamental and we use music to help students understand rhythm in the swing. We employ an electronic metronome to help juniors discover their own personal rhythm. Timing is the last part of the acronym and we use science to understand centrifugal force and why it is the key to a balanced athletic swing. Timing creates balance; if you have athletic timing you should have athletic balance. I am personally very excited about this program. I feel it could be the best golf learning program anywhere to help juniors learn to swing a golf club. A constructive class room experience reinforced with positive range and on course time insures that juniors will have fun and achieve proficiency in a pastime that they may enjoy for a lifetime.