Good local parks going to the dogs

Reader Input
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Regarding the removal of geese from the Meadow Vista Park (Journal, July 29), for as long as I can remember (and I am 73 years young), as a child and as an adult, every park that has had a pond has provided sanctuary for ducks and geese — William Land Park, Ellis Park in Marysville and at one time Ashford Park — and I enjoyed very much feeding them, as my children, grandchildren and my great-grandchildren, do now. What I can’t understand is the motive for turning Ashford Park, where I once took my great-grandchildren and my youngest grandchildren to play, until it was overrun with dogs, heaven forbid, dogs even doing their thing, urinating and bowel movements in the children’s play area. That ended my visits to that park which is now overrun with dogs to the extent that the park is no longer a sanitary place for children to play. Parks used to be a place for family gatherings and to enjoy park animals like geese and ducks — for the children to enjoy. Will Meadow Vista Park also become a dog park? I guess dogs supercede geese and ducks. FRANCES HARE, Weimar