Good to see ‘Our View’

Reader Input
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If quick to criticize, one must be also quick to praise when it is warranted, re: Journal’s Perspectives, Jan. 22, (“The return of Journal editorials is here”). For some time, I have been mystified, as have many folks I have talked to, about the absence of home-grown editorial comment from this newspaper, neglecting its community responsibility and subjecting us to useless opinion from other publications on a daily basis. What caused you to suddenly wake up and reform your editorial board with the intent of producing locally produced products is not known to me, but I compliment you for doing so at last. Agreed with the content or not, local issues deserve airing on the opinion pages, and if this is an indicator of what we may expect, I am grateful for this awakening. Thank you, in expectation of the “Our View” opinion pieces yet to come. Chuck Butler, Granite Bay