Goodrich gears up for her British Invasion

Placer cheerleader honored as All-American
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Hillman fans pump it up! What’s up? Placer High junior and cheerleader Allicen Goodrich will be headed to London, England in December to tour with the United Spirit Association’s All-American Cheer Team. Goodrich was selected at one of the association’s camps held at UC Santa Cruz earlier this month. According to United Spirit, only 7 to10 percent of the cheerleaders at each camp have the honor of making the All-American team. “Out of 200 girls only 90 tried out, out of those 90 only 10 made it. To know that I was one of those ten, I was ecstatic,” Goodrich said. “When they called my name I had a smile on my face the whole time. I had the whole team cheering for me.” For her weeklong skip across the big pond, Goodrich said she is looking forward to performing in the London New Year’s Day Parade. She also won’t mind getting a little taste of British culture along the way. “I am excited to see Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace. I think it’d be really cool to try the food they have over there,” Goodrich said. “I’ve always wanted to try what a crumpet tastes like. I kind of want to compare tea to see if it’s different over there.” After seeing a friend from Colfax make the team last year, Goodrich said she was inspired to work toward a British invasion of her own. While the try-out cheer wasn’t taught until camp, Goodrich said she kicked up her intensity at cheer practice this year to make her ready for anything. She also volunteers as a coach for the Placer Jr. Hillmen cheer program. “I thought I should try to push myself to make it,” Goodrich said. “I get the opportunity to help people out besides myself. It really makes you feel better about yourself.” Placer junior and teammate Regan Decker said the Hillgals rallied around Goodrich during her rise to the top. “She worked really hard to practice the cheer,” Decker said. “We were doing it in the hallways to perfect it. We were all crossing our fingers for her. Everyone was just so happy for her.” Decker said the honor is well-deserved because Goodrich is a well-rounded cheerleader. “She knows all the cheers really well. She is tight and she is a really good back spot,” Decker said. “She is loud and spirited, definitely the cheerleader type.” For Decker, who hopes to attend a four-year university after leaving Placer, the All-American team trip will also be a chance for her to get a taste of being on her own. “I haven’t been out of the country,” Goodrich said. “I think it would be a really good experience to be on my own.” Reach Sara Seyydin at