GOP doesn’t deserve control

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As the midterm elections approach, Republicans are expressing optimism about regaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The GOP, which has voted as a bloc against nearly every initiative of President Obama, is using the struggling economy as the basis of its campaign. Do Republicans deserve another chance to control the House? I contend the country cannot afford another GOP majority in the House. Since President Obama took office, congressional Republicans have ignored every outreach by the president, refused to work with him on the problems — largely caused by Bush administration — confronting this nation. When it comes to dealing with the nation’s problems, the Republicans have offered nothing but failed policies of the past. With no help from Republicans, Obama has managed to put together a record of accomplishment: a stimulus bill that prevented total economic collapse, health care reform, Wall Street reform, equal pay for equal work, improved relations with the international community. There is a lot of work ahead, but Republicans have offered no valid reason why they deserve to hold the majority in Congress. They try to divide, not unite; rather than reasoned debate, they resort to blatant falsehoods and character assassination. They want to return to the very same policies that precipitated the nation’s economic woes — and hope the voters’ have a case of collective amnesia. Jill Walker, Auburn