GOP has spent all its credibility

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Conservatives, when George Bush usurped power in 2000, you gained control of the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and of course, the Executive. You twice passed huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and passed the Medicare Drug Bill. You spent $1 trillion on two unnecessary wars, and you gave nearly $1 trillion to the bankers through TARP. There were massive giveaways to the oil and coal industries. You didn’t pay for any of it — not one dime. You borrowed from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. You added $5.5 trillion to the national debt. On your watch, we have lost our jobs, lost our retirement, lost our homes and everyone is hugely in debt. The country is on the verge of financial collapse. You have driven the metaphorical car off the road, and now, stand on the bank throwing rocks at the people trying to pull it out of the ditch. Yet, at least twice a week, I see angry letters to the Journal demanding that we adopt Republican solutions to these problems. From where have you derived the belief that you have any credibility on this subject? You don’t. The priorities of your party are the problem. Clifford Lanxner, Applegate