GOP holding nation hostage

Reader Input
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“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, jobless benefits, health care for 9/11 first-responders — Senate Republicans continue to block it all until the tax deal is done. They are truly the most un-American, un-patriotic bunch of all time. They’re holding up funding the troops because of their twisted thinking about DADT. They’re holding hostage those who lost jobs through no fault of their own by blocking unemployment insurance. They’re endangering our country with the prospect of loose nukes by not passing the START treaty, and for all their empty rhetoric about 9/11, they’re holding up healthcare for first responders who are suffering from the consequences of going into burning buildings to help others. All Republicans really care about is getting an additional tax bonus for the top 2 percent in this country, $139,000 for every millionaire, while the rest of us, the troops, the unemployed, the 9/11 heroes, the safety of our nation be damned! Knowing this, why aren’t you outraged? Eighty percent say they don’t want tax breaks for the wealthy. All the past Secretaries of State have said, pass the START treaty, and we now know the majority of troops don’t care about a person’s sexual orientation. Is it time to start street protests? Jane O’Leary, Auburn