GOP the lesser of two evils

Reader Input
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Herb Tanimoto (Reader Input, Nov. 18), seems not able to read well, based on his response to my letter of Nov. 16. My letter had two observations: first that the Democratic Party is a massive hypocrisy based on its bailout treatment for fat cats, meaning Wall Streets banks and brokers and large corporations, and no bailouts for the people who the Democratic Party claims that it supports while opposing fat cats. The second observation was that the bailout money given to the fat cats would have better helped the economy if that money had instead been given as a bailout to the people. Tanimoto made not a single objection to my observations. He falsely claimed that I was a Republican. I am a registered independent. He then followed with a wide-ranging attack on the Republican Party as if that excused the hypocrisy of the Democrats. The only thing that I regret not including in my letter is an observation that the Republican Party is simply a party of lesser hypocrisy, implying that it is just a lesser of two evils. All political parties are bad, as claimed by (President James) Madison in The Federalist Papers, calling them factions. Robert Wahl, Auburn