GOP runs wild with arrogance

Reader Input
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Mr. (Tom) McClintock and his Republican colleagues talk on and on about creating jobs in America. Everyone agrees that we need more jobs. Everyone agrees that the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling. Yet, at the same time that House Republicans are rejecting the president’s jobs plan to rebuild our infrastructure and put people to work, they’re also planning to shut off all federal support for passenger rail service in this country likely to be followed by all federal support for public transit systems. This includes our local Capitol Corridor train service. The end result would eliminate tens of thousands of middle-class jobs. Why would they do this? It’s simple. Transit employees are primarily unionized workers and, to Republicans, all unions must be destroyed because they typically provide campaign funds for Democratic candidates. So, the Republican solution to shut down the nation’s public transportation system would give them a campaign funding advantage in the next election. I’ve said it before. Republicans care about one thing and one thing only — gaining a majority in Washington in the 2012 elections and then forcing their agenda down everyone’s throats. This is not leadership. This is arrogance and selfishness gone wild. We deserve better. Jim Venneman, Auburn