GOP should exhibit courage

Reader Input
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Nancy Gibbs in her Nov. 9 Time Magazine essay writes, “Humility leaves room for complexity, honors honest dissent, welcomes the outlandish idea that sweeps past ideology and feeds invention.” “...The odds are better (in resolving issues as health care, climate change, etc.) if we come to the table assuming we don’t already have all the answers.” By allowing the country’s few insurance corporations and drug companies to dictate what is best for Americans, the Republican Party, with only few exceptions, has chosen debate absentia — true to conservative nature — to eschew change. Sadly, of the (Tom) McClintock ilk, we cannot expect resolution to our nationwide crisis of health care, global warming, Wall Street greed or bank card usury. Our hope rests with those political representatives who have the courage to sit at the table and impartially seek resolution. How long must we wait to see courage in our representative district? Howard Koons, Auburn