Got any room in your car?

Reader Input
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This is in response to Seth King, (Reader Input, July 6). You said it so succinctly. Most people would say good riddance to people who complain about where they live, but Mr. King, do you have room in your car for my husband? He was smiling from ear to ear as I read your letter to him. He was relieved and excited to know he is not crazy for thinking California has gone off the deep end in so many aspects. I’d go with you all, but my grandkids are here! And that’s the only reason. I am a California native, and have tried to defend it’s depravity for so long. We have both had the privilege of living outside the state only to discover there really is “gold” outside them-thar hills! Beautiful states with beautiful people. Good luck and God bless you in your new freedom! P.S. Do you have any room in your car for some of those people who moved here many moons ago and should go back? Diana Nieto, Auburn