Got tied up in ‘flash mob’

Reader Input
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Thank you for writing the best article about the mess at the Galleria (Journal, Dec. 20). I looked at online coverage about what happened that night, and truly, you explained what was going on better than anyone. I had heard about this “random” musical event from a friend, and verified it by checking the Sacramento Choral Society’s website. Silly me! I actually thought there would be an assembled choir performing on risers or on some kind of stage. Before getting caught up in that night’s horrendous traffic snarl, I was totally ignorant about the words “flash mob,” especially when combined with “food court” and “Hallelujah chorus.” You are the only (website) that gave a link to the YouTube video that started this new holiday season fad. Yes, I’m a geezer in my 50s ... and although I stay current on national and international news, I don’t follow trends. So I had no idea that these “random acts” of culture have recently occurred in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Santa Rosa, Dallas, Tallahassee, Orlando, Rochester, and so on. If I had known, I would never have gone anywhere near the mall that night. I fault the Sacramento Choral Society for publicizing their appearance so many days in advance. No act of kindness was committed that night at the Galleria, except perhaps for those who were concerned enough about safety to evacuate the mall. Inadvertently, I became a lemming that night, and was totally mystified about what on earth was pulling so many people to the mall ... until I read your article. Thanks for helping me to connect the dots! Jean Decker, Loomis