Government betrayed voters on Clover Valley

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Over 7,000 voters know how Rocklin's City Council betrayed them by supporting the horrific Clover Valley proposed development. County supervisors opportunist (Robert) Weygandt, me-too (Kirk) Uhler, Lincoln's hand-out (Tom) Cosgrove, and my own GOP, had no business jumping in here, except for contributions at payback time. A sovereign nation also wrongly strong-armed its way into this local election, dangling green stuff in front of greedy eyes, but no one objected. Two points need to be made: First, the volunteer grassroots groups dedicated to saving Clover Valley are not going away. Upcoming lawsuits should take the wind out of the sails of the arrogant developer/tribe/city council rogue elephant political machine. It's not over yet. Secondly, three city council seats are up for grabs in November. Let's start now to remove the three incumbents that sided with a bullying developer who threatened to sue Rocklin and encumber its citizens. This lie and fear-mongering threat was one of many, but our city council was an accomplice to the tactics by not speaking out so citizens would know the truth. More than 7,000 voters will not forget and will do the right thing in November: Throw the bums out! Randall Cleveland Rocklin