Government can butt out

Reader Input
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The American patriots of Massachusetts and the country have spoken. Our message is loud and clear: Government, get the hell out of our lives. Scott Brown was a long-shot, but his “common sense” words rang out and people became ignited. His words spoke of freedom, adherence to the Constitution, jobs, security, which means spending money on getting “rid” of terrorists, not spending money on hiring lawyers for them. This is a people’s referendum against a tyrannical-style Obama agenda, socialism, government health care, bribery, corruption, Chicago-style thuggery, midnight votes on weekends, closed-door meetings and pay-offs to unions, industry lobbyists and politicians willing to prostitute for sweetheart deals. We will not tolerate a government that does not listen to the people, irresponsible spending, higher taxes, take-over of private enterprise and we certainly will not tolerate a president that would try to shove down our throats a disgustingly ill-conceived 2,000-page health care bill full of pork, garbage, higher taxes, loss of freedom and the takeover of one-sixth of our economy. Bottom-line: Look out in November. Steve Cavolt, Auburn