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Reader Input
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You printed a letter recommending evangelical Christians join the Green Party and make “green” investments (Reader Input, Feb. 6). Would one of those be the bankrupt solar company in the Bay Area? Would one be the recently bankrupt car battery company in the Midwest? There were two green investments, made not by good businesspeople but by government folks who watched while nearly $700 million in taxpayer dollars went down the drain. The potential for fraud in both those debacles remains uninvestigated. You may not like what Bain Capital does but one thing it has done is create thousands of good jobs in the U.S. The investments were made by businesspeople who knew what they were doing. Leave business to those who know how to make it work and remove the government from the “investment” business. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: “A government big enough to provide everything is big enough to take it away.” Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin