Government entities are flops

Reader Input
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Polls have increasingly showed that the vast majority of Americans do not want the government getting more involved with health care and health insurance. Yet President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are focused on cramming a government takeover down our throats claiming that “it will reduce costs.” If it will reduce costs why are they trying to raise taxes to pay for it? During the last 80 years the country has been slowly moving toward socialism. The only government program that has been a success is the GI Bill for college because graduates end up paying far more in taxes because they earn higher incomes. The rest of the programs are, for the most part, abject failures including the war on poverty, the post office, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, controlling the borders, the EPA, the government-run public school system, et al. Why would we trust this bunch of incompetent boobs with running the medical system? These people should be ashamed to be seen in public since most of them are failures except for getting elected to office. Carl Hass, Rocklin