Government great at padding

Reader Input
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“Board spends too much,” Jack Podesdly, Reader Input, Journal, Feb. 17: I hear you Jack! It’s the same mentality whether it's city, county, or state government. When our county got a windfall of monies from the feds, the supes decided to hire seven new deputy sheriffs to chase illegal drug users and pushers while developing interdiction at middle schools. All very noble but at the same time giving the sheriffs department folks a 3 percent raise. I wonder how they justify the raise? So when the three years are up you and everyone else has to pick up the costs of these fine folks for the rest of their lives which includes health and pensions. Also, when the Redevelopment Agency was shut down, (Placer County CEO Tom) Miller hires a manager to wrap up loose ends and projects that are already in process at a higher salary than the previous agency head, plus absorb those agency employees into other positions in the bureaucracy. Government keeps on doing just what it wants when it wants with little regard to economic conditions of the folks paying the bills. I’m waiting for the “we need more taxes” pitch as government keeps on growing bigger and bigger. James McKesson, Auburn