Government a source of woe

Reader Input
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I see that our local Socialist/Leftist Ron (Lowe) is at it again (Reader Input, Dec. 28). As usual, he is wrong. He states that the refusal of the House Republicans to go along with “Stimulus 2” will prevent the “creation of 1.9 million jobs.” I have one question for you, Ron. How many jobs did the $787 billion stimulus 1 create? Stimulus 1 passed because of the Democrats and it was an abysmal failure. When will you socialists understand that it is the private sector that creates jobs, not the government. Didn’t you take notice of the failures of government-backed Solyndra and GM’s Chevy Volt (you know, the car that catches fire and that nobody wants to buy)? Unfortunately, you will never get it because you don’t deal in facts, you deal in the misguided socialist ideal that government is the cure for what ails us, not what it really is — the cause of most of our country’s problems. We can only hope that Obama doesn’t get another term so he can finish the job of destroying our country. Donna McCloskey, Auburn