Government stifles growth

Reader Input
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This country’s greatness was founded on free markets. Mom and pop start-ups, a man in his garage inventing a product ... does Bill Gates or Steve Jobs sound familiar? There are many more of these free markets. Many have had to put the majority of jobs overseas and to other states. Why? They can’t afford government taxes or regulations. In California, taxes on corporations kill productivity. Regulations add more expense. Thank Bill Clinton for the North American Free Trade Agreement which sent jobs to Mexico. Recently, President (Barack) Obama gave Pakistan $5 million to help create jobs. Next, was Brazil. To help their economy, President Obama is providing $2 billion to drill for oil which they send to China. Obama made the statement “we would be glad to buy it.” I’m sure the unemployed oil drillers in this country really appreciated that. El Salvador was given $2 million for their economic growth. I guess that if you want a job you should go to Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil or El Salvador. I remember a campaign promise of highway jobs in this country. We have sent and continue to send billions to AIG, banks, General Motors, the list goes on. Do we really need more government? Carol Stearns, Newcastle