Government too broke to help

Reader Input
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I did in fact read in today’s Auburn Journal on the subject (re: homelessness). I think you should let Susan Farrington, chairwoman of the Placer Consortium on Homelessness, know that the federal and state governments are both broke! On page A6 Farrington stated that there isn’t enough funding at the federal level and state level. Unfortunately, that is the problem nationwide. We are out of money and until the federal and state governments can curtail their current and past spending habits we will continue to be in financial straits. Maybe Susan could travel east and straighten our elected leaders in Washington. We all need help in cutting back on the pork spending and spending more on some basic essentials like her Placer Consortium on Homelessness. Just an idea (from) a very long-time subscriber to the Auburn Journal. Thanks for your input. Bob MacDonald, Colfax