Governor has global outlook

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People in the Middle East revolt because their rulers conspire with global corporations, like big oil, to line their pockets while their people stagnate. They revolt because there is high unemployment, yet they outsource jobs to lower-paid foreigners. They revolt because their elite live in luxury while the people have poor infrastructure, reduced educational options at high cost and inadequate health coverage. They revolt because information is controlled by media dominated by the same global greedmongers who have their leaders in their back pocket. They do so knowing that if they speak up, they are intimidated by threats of losing their scarce jobs or worse. In Wisconsin, the new Republican governor gave tax breaks to the same corporate elite. Then he proposed legislation to cut workers’ benefits in order to make up the deficit caused by years of such tax breaks. He’s not cutting his benefits or other elites’ pay or benefits. He even wants to curb workers’ ability to fight back by taking away collective bargaining rights previous generations of Americans fought for. He’s threatened to call the National Guard on protesters. Meanwhile, incomes of the corporate elite have risen 500 percent since 1980. It is indeed a global community we live in. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn