Graffiti, droppings not part of Auburn’s story

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Streetscape phase 1 is about done. Visitors and residents will soon have a sense of the history of Auburn per the Auburn Journal on Aug. 9. Per Harvey Roper, “The concept was, ‘How do you tell the story of Auburn?’” My questions are: How do you tell the story of Auburn when graffiti has started on the bricks? When cigarette butts are on the new sidewalks and in flowerbeds. When dog poop is on the sidewalks because irresponsible dog owners don’t pick it up. How do you tell the story of Auburn when bicycle skid marks are all over the new Streetscape sidewalks? Now here is a good one — how do you tell the story of Auburn when a couple bring their livestock (as in three goats!) to walk on the new sidewalks, leaving goat droppings behind? Do visitors and residents really want to sit outside eating and having to watch goats leave their droppings? Leave them home with the lonely goatherd! Can my friends bring their pet cows and pigs to the Streetscape and not pick up after them? Yes? How do you tell the story? SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn