Graffiti trashes Auburn’s image

Reader Input
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I think that there should be better enforcement on graffiti and vandalism in the city of Auburn. The people who do graffiti might think it’s a way of expressing themselves through what they write or paint, but what they don’t realize is how illegal it is and how bad it makes their community look, while some flat out don’t care. When my parents moved to Auburn, they looked at it as a nice little town, considering the lack of graffiti. Now they look at it as being trashed due to the graffiti and vandalism that occurs. It is pretty sad, considering that I can find graffiti all throughout Auburn, whether it’s the park, my school, stores, or even skate parks. When some kid decides that he wants to vandalize a building, he also doesn’t realize that that school or store needs to pay a lot of money to buy paint and a painter to cover up the graffiti. I think that better enforcement would make a big difference on preventing graffiti and vandalism before it happens, therefore preventing that park or school from paying money on vandalism when they could be using it to buy more supplies. BRIG TUCKER, student, Auburn