Grateful for July Fourth events

Reader Input
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It saddened me to read Kristine Coman Nelson’s letter, “Fairground’s fireworks disappoint,” (Reader Input, July 7). My family and I enjoyed the fireworks display and several people we spoke with who were sitting near us agreed. We were all so thankful Auburn even offered a fireworks display in this time of financial insecurity, as so many other communities decided to scale down their Fourth of July celebrations this year. To name one, Colfax canceled its fireworks display — citing budgetary constraints as the reason. With respect to the attendance at the fairgrounds on the Fourth, Ms. Nelson states, “No one was there.” Perhaps it’s a matter of perception, but I have to disagree. When we arrived at the Fairgrounds after watching the parade, we encountered quite a substantial amount of people having a great time enjoying the music, food offerings and camaraderie of friends and family —in spite of the near triple-digit heat! We all need to be thankful for what we have instead of always wanting more. Bigger isn’t always better. Thank you, Auburn, for a wonderful Fourth of July celebration. Cindy Herb, Newcastle